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Java Nutrient is a privately owned company that was founded in 2021. Our team consists of 6 (six) young people who are creative, innovative and responsible. The beginning of our company was founded is our joining in one community can export. In that case, we met and were interested in seeing that we share the same vision and mission, namely a national agribusiness company that is superior and competitive in the world and contributes to the achievement of the nation’s progress.

Our company is engaged in agriculture, especially Porang processed products such as Porang chips, Porang flour and glucomannan powder, processed products made from Sacha inchi beans and processed products made from Nampu root. Java Nutrient is located in Indonesia, precisely in the Java region.

In developing sales in the agricultural and plantation sectors, Java Nutrient features several farmers in the Java region of Indonesia.

As in accordance with our company name, namely Java Nutrient (Javanese nutrition), the protected land of Java Indonesia is rich in natural products. Therefore, our company looks at several farmers in the Java archipelago to produce quality products. Our company is also committed to providing the best service for all of our partners.

Our Vision

Focus on business on an ongoing basis to produce perfect nutrition for consumers through the products we produce in order to provide benefits to all stakeholders

Our Mission

Grow with partners by prioritizing quality and quantity so as to produce the best products for the agricultural industry

Becoming an option for the wider community in providing a supply of organic-based raw materials

Serving high quality organic-based raw material products

Our available products, grown with organic fertilizers and processed with the best processes

Because it goes through the best planting and processing processes so that the resulting product is 100% safe for consumption

we will provide the best service when you buy our product

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konjac chips

Konjac Flour



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glucomannan is very accurate, very good for our company's food availability
Dr. Gezdik egin
satisfied, the product we received is in accordance with the agreement. I am not worried now about the supply for our company
Dr. Lewis Elbert
Director CPO Alliance Pharmaceuticals UK
java nutrient is my best partner from the past until now to produce the best raw materials
Jannatul Naim
Director UHTCO Corporation

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Leading private company established in Indonesia offering leading agricultural commodities.